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Really that’s the only word it needs. Please enjoy this awesome fight between Reimu and Utsuho.

Girls are preparing, please wait warmly and remove the brick form your pants.


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Yes. I am late to everything ever that exists in this world. This place is pretty amazing. I went there to purchase some laptop feet because my laptop has a horrible tendency to overheat when I’m playing games and I just feel way too ghetto using thread spools to prop the damn thing up.


What? These totally work well.

Yeah. So there I was just going to order some simple laptop stands and I get horribly, horribly distracted by the multitudes of shiny things that ThinkGeek sells. I ended up finishing my shopping spree with two other items.

First is a credit card lightbulb. Yes, you read that right. It looks like a plastic card with a lightbulb on it but when you flip the lightbulb portion up IT ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP. And only $5. How could I say no to such a piece of epic?

Credit Card Lightbulb

This is an amazing idea.

The second thing I left with in tow is an epic 5-in-1 function pen. It can be used as a stylus and has a laser pointer, a flashlight, and a UV light built in. All with a handy little flexible shaft to aim your beam of glorious light. Did I mention IT STILL FUNCTIONS AS A PEN. Yes, I had to have it.


Now I can write my horrible emo poetry AT NIGHT!

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