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Really that’s the only word it needs. Please enjoy this awesome fight between Reimu and Utsuho.

Girls are preparing, please wait warmly and remove the brick form your pants.


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Yes. I am late to everything ever that exists in this world. This place is pretty amazing. I went there to purchase some laptop feet because my laptop has a horrible tendency to overheat when I’m playing games and I just feel way too ghetto using thread spools to prop the damn thing up.


What? These totally work well.

Yeah. So there I was just going to order some simple laptop stands and I get horribly, horribly distracted by the multitudes of shiny things that ThinkGeek sells. I ended up finishing my shopping spree with two other items.

First is a credit card lightbulb. Yes, you read that right. It looks like a plastic card with a lightbulb on it but when you flip the lightbulb portion up IT ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP. And only $5. How could I say no to such a piece of epic?

Credit Card Lightbulb

This is an amazing idea.

The second thing I left with in tow is an epic 5-in-1 function pen. It can be used as a stylus and has a laser pointer, a flashlight, and a UV light built in. All with a handy little flexible shaft to aim your beam of glorious light. Did I mention IT STILL FUNCTIONS AS A PEN. Yes, I had to have it.


Now I can write my horrible emo poetry AT NIGHT!

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Welp I’ve tried these blog things before and haven’t quite stuck to them before. This place seems pretty nifty though so hopefully I can manage to stick around for a bit. I’m just going to use my first post to talk about a game I very recently finished that has probably flown under most people’s radars.

It’s a nifty little gem called Summon Night: Swordcraft Story. It came out for the GameBoy Advance ages ago and didn’t get much spotlight but it’s definitely a gem. The best way to describe it is as a dungeon crawler and weapon crafting game, not too dissimilar from Dark Cloud.

Pratty & Sugar

Wait what? You're okay with this?

Did I mention that the story and dialogue are pretty out there? It’s got a tongue-in-cheek style of humor that will keep you entertained. And yes, there’s totally some Les Yay implications here. Awesome.

Getting past that though, the game itself is a fun concept. You are an aspiring Craftknight. That is to say, you create weapons and fight with them to protect people. Blacksmith Warrior? Sure I can deal with that. The story begins with you entering a tournament to determine who will be the new Craftlord. Craftlords are basically the elite knights of the town of Wystern that protect the people from harm. Nifty.

The system of gathering materials and crafting weapons is a fun concept at first… but it can get really farming intensive if you can’t decide what styles of weapons you want to use.

Oh I forgot to cover that didn’t I? There’s 5 types of weapons in the game to choose from:
Swords are the average option. They are average in both damage and speed but are a reliable choice.
Axes are the giant power option. Slow as molasses but they will do incredibly high damage. Also breaks through weapon durability pretty quickly and are extremely durable themselves.
Р Spears are the ranged option. They carry the largest attack range and are great against airborne enemies. Damage is somewhat above average. They are incredibly fragile however.
Knuckles are the speedy combo option. They do an insanely fast flurry of attacks but generally have the lowest attack of anything.  Extremely difficult to hit airborne enemies with.
Drills. Yes drills. These nifty little beauties are something of a combination of a spear and a knuckle. They have really short range and tend to be slow, but they will do damage nearly on par with axes. They also rip through weapon durability like paper. Did I mention that on top of all of this they are also incredibly durable?

All weapons carry a durability stat. Should this get depleted the weapon will shatter and be gone. Not to worry though, as durability doesn’t tend to go down very rapidly at all and even restores itself after every battle. You’ll realize quickly that Drills and Axes will become your best friend in certain situations. When you battle other people, the battle will automatically end if you manage to break their weapon. Not only this, but breaking their weapons nets you the technique to be able to forge the weapon they were using.

Pratty vs. Kennon

Welp, this doesn't look good...

Another system in the game is your Summon Beast. You get one of four different possibilities near the beginning of the game based on a short little stream of questions. They all help you out in battle by having support magic equipped that you can have them cast for you. These range from weapon enchantments to attack spells to healing. They also help you forge weapons as a part of the story.

All in all, it’s a fun little game and the variety of weapons is fun. It’s worth checking out if you are into the style of game, as small a niche as it might be.

That’s all for now folks! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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